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Dancing Goats Blend

Our signature blend is named for the goats that, according to legend, discovered the spirit-lifting power of coffee. Dancing Goats is a part of our Legendary coffees collection. Larry and Cherie Challain opened their first coffee shop in the Pacific Northwest in 1988 and named it Dancing Goats to salute the origin story of coffee. They went on to develop Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, one of the most well-regarded specialty coffee companies in America, and Dancing Goats has been our flagship coffee blend ever since, served in coffeehouses, cafes and restaurants across the country.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN DECAF, Dancing Goats Blend is our best-selling coffee by far due to its versatility and accessibility. Dancing Goats is favored among baristas as highly versatile espresso; it can be served as an exceptional single shot, or maintain the taste of coffee within a latte, mocha, or other flavored drink. As a drip coffee, Dancing Goats is a deeply satisfying blend that can be enjoyed any time of day, with or without a meal. For more information, including tutorials on brewing Dancing Goats and other fine coffees at home, visit

Cupping Notes

This bold and toasty blend is dark, smooth and sweet, with a beautiful floral aroma. Exceptionally clean and balanced acidity accompanies a heavy body and pronounced nuttiness reminiscent of almonds. The sweetness is predominantly chocolate but includes hints of caramel. The flavor of fresh citrus fruits emerges from beneath the sweet spice notes in the finish. This blend’s complexity also produces a bright flavorful espresso with rich, reddish-brown crema.

Brew Specifications

Espresso: Use a 18-21 gram dose (double shot) at nine bars of pressure and 200°F water temperature to produce 1.5-2.0 oz. volume with a 24-26 second extraction of 20-23 seconds will highlight acidity and produce a lighter body. A slower 2730 second extraction will produce more bittersweet notes and heavier body.

Manual Brewing: Our trademark blend performs well as a filtered pourover brew. Chemex, Clever

Dripper, Beehouse Dripper, Hario all allow the acidity to shine through the dark roast component of this blend, while the sweetness is highlighted. Please consult our “learn” section on for more instructions on pourover brewing.