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•• BEANS ••

Our coffee is locally sourced by Batdorf & Bronson,  the highly-rated coffee roasters based in Atlanta, GA and Olympia, WA. You might know them as the geniuses behind the Dancing Goats Coffee Bars in Atlanta. Since 1986, Batdorf and Bronson have worked with local shops (like us) to provide extraordinary coffee to taste buds nationwide. Our baristas proudly serve you award-winning coffee and espresso brewed from beans packed with intricate flavor and aromas. Whether you like your coffee roasted light or dark, or brewed hot or cold, we have the perfect drink for you.


Every detail of our shop was crafted with you in mind, so that our atmosphere is as warm and inviting as our coffee. Inside you will find old-world charm in our stone archways and cozy fireplace, with an added new-world bonus: the enticing aroma of premium coffee beans.

We have lots of floor space – over 3,500 square feet – encouraging you to find your favorite spot, relax, and sip your go-to drink. Our large outdoor patio area, complete with pergola and fans, is perfect for enjoying your coffee while enjoying the sunshine.

We designed each booth and table to include power outlets and USB plugs to help you work, study, or just charge your phone while hanging out with friends. Cathedral also offers free WIFI, making it the perfect place to hang out all day.

• • • •

Go ahead: catch up on your emails. Laugh and make memories with your friends by the fireplace. Find your favorite table and study in peace. There’s always room for you at Cathedral Coffee.


Nothing brings people together quite like coffee – that’s why we started our shop, with a vision to connect great coffee with real community – but we believe the connection between coffee and community isn’t confined within the walls of Cathedral.

As a locally owned coffee house, we are committed to serving our neighbors and putting our faith into action. Whether it’s brewing a cup of premium coffee in our shop or serving the needs of our community outside our four walls, we work for something greater than ourselves, the spread of the Gospel.

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